- Goku Telem, a poor youth from the slums of Mozi village has big aspirations to become one of the most celebrated warriors in all the land; "The Monkey King"!! Only he isn't alone in that ambition ; w/ fierce competition waiting at every turn! Action and Emotion come together to forge a new epic tale on a legend that we all thought we knew! Taking place in the early 1600, along the West Coast Goku Telem; destined to become Goku Son, carves out his destiny using a peculiar Golden Sword known as "The Money Crown"... 

What's new?
- The Definitive version (2020); unlike the 2016 release (first 6 chapters), have an additional 3 chapters. [CH 1-9]
- All pages redux, with new Art and Shading
- Additional pages added to older chapters
- Alternate ending to Chapter 2's fight
- CH. 9 is a dramatic double length feature 
- Extended Bonus Art Gallery
-Character Biographies

Additional Cool Features:
- This version orientated to read from Right to Left; to uphold traditional manga reading experience.
- Special Double Page Spreads
- Special Full color pages


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